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Facing tomorrows of black useless lungs

with nothing but lies left on tips of our tongues

7 May 1986
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Maybe I want to pull the stars down
so you could pluck them from the sky
and call them your own.

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{ wear }

i'm in slytherin!

Romeo + Juliet mood theme by crackified.
21st birthdays, 80s movies, 90s grunge, acting, acting stupid with friends, anne of green gables, ap magazine, art, artists, arts & crafts, ballet flats, bath & bodyworks, being zac's friend *winkwink*, ben foster, big words, black, black nail polish, blinking tiaras, books, boots, boys, boys in black eyeliner, boys with liprings, brando, broken eyesockets, candles, cats, chai latte, chocolate cake, chopsticks, chucks, clothes, coffee, comedians, comedy central, concerts, crazy hair colors, dane cook, daria, digital cameras, draco malfoy, dream-sex-with-rock-stars-in-post-war-deserts, dreaming, dreaming big, english, eyeliner, eyeshadow, fairies, fanfiction, fashion, fiction, forevernever, fortune cookies, fuse, german food, guilty pleasures, guitars, guys with piercings, hair dye, halloween oreos, hanging out with friends, harry potter, headbanging, helping people, hollywood, hoodies, horizont, hot topic, iced soy mochas, icons, ipods, judy garland, justin chatwin, ketchup packets, kittens, laughing, liberty heights, lip gloss, lip rings, literacy, loooooooong lj conversations, loud music, make up, making icons, meeting musicians, mermaids, mesh, miami ink, mohawks, mountain dew, movies, music, my blanket, my chemical romance, my friends, my new pajamas, my slytherin blanket, nail polish, new cds, new york, panic! at the disco, perfume, photography, piercings, poetry, project runway, rain, reading, red eye makeup, red nail polish, rock music, rock-star-dreams-every-night, rory cochrane, sarcasm, sharpies, shoes, shopping, silence with friends, silver, singing, singing with bands, slash, sleep, social quirks, soy milk, sparkle, spencer's-esp-and-lollipop-of-doom, spikes, starbucks, stars, stickers, style network, tacos, talking on the phone, tattoos, tea, the academy is..., the breakfast club, the dresden dolls, the moon, tonight tonight by panic, trading fic with brina, ugly betty, underoath, warped tour, well-written fic, words, writing